Welcome to Toshi Straps, handmade leather watch straps for Panerai, Anonimo, Ennebi and all large watches.

My Straps are completely handmade. No machines are used in their production, there’s just me and my leatherwork tools. Each strap is individually cut, sewn and finished by hand. I hope my passion and attention to detail will be obvious from my work.

Each Toshi Strap is made on a bespoke basis to order to my client’s specification. What’s more, all Toshi Straps come with a guarantee – on delivery if you are not happy with my craftsmanship or the materials used just let me know and I will do everything in my power to fix the problem, or offer a full refund if that is not possible.

Please take some time looking around. If you are new to the site please take 5 minutes to look at the frequently asked questions page. This should explain everything you need to know about my straps, but if there is anything I haven’t covered please feel free to email me at rich@toshi-straps.co.uk.

Thank you for visiting.

This site was last updated on Friday 13th November 2015